Leah and Love at a Birthday Party

Isaiah had a birthday party the other day. One of his friends was new to our house.  He was a sweet little boy and he instantly fell in love with Chester. Apparently he wasn’t the only one falling in love.

I noticed Leah trailing around after him most of the afternoon. Not that I can blame her. He had gorgeous olive skin, huge brown eyes and he was a first grader (you know… older man thing).

When it came time for cake and ice cream, the little boy passed on it, preferring to go play upstairs. It wasn’t long before Leah brought us her plate of half eaten ice cream and said, “I don’t want this anymore,” and ran upstairs to play as well.

The next morning, Leah and I were riding in the car and Leah was chattering away as usual. This is the story she told me:

You know that boy that liked Chester at ‘Saiah’s party? He was soooo cute.

When we were upstairs together by ourselves, we talked about how Chester was being kind because some dogs can bite, but not Chester, because he’s really nice.That’s what we talked about.

That’s why I didn’t want to finish my ice cream. I wanted to go upstairs by him.

Wow. She’d rather spend time with the boy than eat sweets. This might be true love!

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