I never expected this day to come, but it has… I have Jury Duty tomorrow.

Chris has had it 2 or 3 times, but I’ve had a concept that I am immune or something, since I am a stay at home mom. Seriously, who’s going to watch the kids while I decide if some poor criminal is going to go to prison or not? (Well… the court system offered the childcare services of the National Society of Jewish Women, but as much as I love God’s chosen people, I’m not so big on abandoning my children with someone I’ve never met before.)

So in the morning I’m going to head to the courthouse and sit around praying to God they don’t actually put me on a jury. I’m all for the Constitution and all, but what if the jury gets sequestered? I can’t spend months away from my family and then live the rest of my life in fear of getting knocked off by the Mafia. I realize this scenario is highly unlikely to take place in a county court setting… but you never know!

I asked Chris what he thought the Founding Fathers were thinking when they came up with such an annoying system. He hypothesized that maybe back in their day everyone was so patriotic, they were all standing in line just for the chance to be on a jury. The more I think about it though, they wouldn’t have had to set so many stipulations to ensure jury service if all those Revolutionary people were into it. I mean, they could actually put me in jail if I don’t show up tomorrow! That’s the Founding Fathers for you, laying down the law.

As much as I complain, I’m sure if I had to go to trial for a crime I didn’t commit (because I’m not the criminal type), I’d sure be hoping that there was no crabby jurors who just wanted to get home to their little kids. I’d want a jury full of all my nice peers to declare me innocent! So I’ll try my best to be a model juror, for the sake of my fellow man.

(But I wouldn’t mind if you interceded that I don’t get put on a jury… I wouldn’t mind a bit!)

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