San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Kneeling Means What, Now?

It’s odd to me that kneeling has been dubbed a sign of “disrespect.” As Christians, we associate kneeling with humility and supplication.

So the NFL players are using their posture to say, “Please, America, be who you said you are.”

As a country, we say we believe in “liberty and justice for all.” But when, time after time, the police who kill unarmed Black people walk free, we do not have justice for all.

(I’m not talking about the good police officers that you and I know, who are protecting and serving. I’m talking about cops like the one who said, “We’re going to kill this motherf****r, don’t you know it,” before he ended a Black man’s life.)

So when members of the NFL peacefully appeal to our country’s best ideals, let us join them in hope for America. We too can rise up as patriots and fight for our country to be what it’s always claimed it aspires to be… a place of liberty and justice for ALL.

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