I think being a mom has made me extra resourceful… or something. I had finally got both of the kids down for naps. I brewed some tea to enjoy in my few minutes of peace and quiet. I was seated at the computer, enjoying the peace and quiet and my nice Earl Grey, but little did I know a disaster was about to ensue. One minute all was tranquil and quiet, the next minute there was a whole cup of tea in my lap (being a mom has also made me clumsy). Paper towel was all the way upstairs and the tea pool was dangerously close to the computer. So I did what anyone would do… I pulled off my jeans that were 2/3 soaked with tea and wiped up the mess with the remaining dry spots left on them. Not what you would do? I don’t think I would have either, 3 years ago! But a mom does what a mom has got to do.

Being a parent also makes you very resourceful in your explanations. A while back, Isaiah became enamored with a cartoon character that Chris wasn’t so fond of. He felt that this cartoon character was advocating ideas that we didn’t want Isaiah embracing, so Chris told me not to pick up any more of his DVD’s at the library. Of course, the next time we went to the library, the first DVD Isaiah picked out was the vetoed one. So we told him that the character was yucky. Isaiah said, “He got poop on him?” Chris decided to go with it and told him that the cartoon didn’t have Jesus in his heart so it was like his heart had poop in it. Isaiah’s eyes were pretty wide at that explanation and it stuck with him. A month later, we were at the library again when Isaiah spotted the banned DVD and exclaimed, “He got poop on him!”

Isaiah and Leah like to play together. Every time I put Leah down for a nap, Isaiah asks where she is. When I tell him she’s napping, he says, “When he done with his nap, he will come play with me?” (We’re still working on our male and female pronouns). He also tries to stand up for her. When I tell her it’s time for a nap, he tries to convince me she doesn’t want to go to bed.

Leah can climb stairs now, so we have to really watch her. She’s fast and before you realize it, she’s halfway up! She’s getting big in so many ways. I’ve put a recent picture of her up for you to enjoy!

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