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I know you have all been on pins and needles since my last blog entry, wondering what has been happening with the Davis family. For those of you who have laid awake at night thinking about it, you will finally be able to get some rest… Hannah is blogging again!

We’re all feeling better since my last blog. Isaiah gave Chris and I his sickness, but we were over it in a couple days. Thank goodness, Leah didn’t get sick at all.

Speaking of Leah, she is growing so much! She is getting really interactive and aware of her surroundings. She is starting to smile at us, which is tons of fun!

Isaiah is enjoying the Christmas season. We went to our city’s holiday parade. It was really pathetic, but Isaiah still had a blast. When we came home he had his first cup of hot chocolate to “warm up”. It was really room-temperature chocolate, but he enjoyed it!

I finally got all the Christmas decorations up! It took me forever… mostly because I always tried to wait until Isaiah was napping to work on it. Otherwise he wanted to touch everything and it became a very stressful experience.

Isaiah is so funny. Every time we go to Target, we have to look at the Thomas trains. And every time we have to instruct him ahead of time that we are not going to take one home. The other day Chris was going through the little speech and Isaiah shook his finger in Chris face and said “Not take it home!” I guess he’s gotten the message!

He is weaning himself from his “nu-nu’s.” But not voluntarily. He has started to chew holes in them. Obviously they aren’t safe to give him once there is a hole in one. We’ve been telling him that once he chews holes in all of them, they are all gone. Well, when I went to put him down for his nap today, the last 2 nu-nu’s had holes in them. So that’s it. I’m not getting him new ones that he is going to immediately chew up and I don’t want him choking on pieces of the old ones. But pray for us… because as we speak he is standing in his doorway screaming hysterically for his nu-nu. Growing up is rough!

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