Grace, Grace

The guy leading the intercession set at IHOP just commented that the Lord spoke to him through his Bible reading that morning. Then he admitted that he was 2 days behind in his daily Bible reading plan, but that God knew that and used it to speak to him.

I thought that was just another cool illustration of how God isn’t after our works… He’s after our hearts! The Lord didn’t say, “Well, I had a word for you, but you’re not on
schedule with your reading, so I’m not going to reveal it too you!” Jesus didn’t care that the guy was behind in his Bible reading plan. He just wanted to speak to him where he was at.

The Lord is so amazing and graceful! Much more so than we give Him credit for. We’re harder taskmasters for ourselves and our spirituality than He ever is. It makes me think of a line commonly found in Gospel music, “He’s been better to me than I’ve been to myself!”

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