Crazy Clothes

Do you ever buy crazy clothes? Obviously crazy is different for everyone, but I think we have all purchased something that stretched us in the fashion area. Whether that item ever gets worn or not says a lot about our character. (I have no idea what it says, but I’m sure it’s significant.)

So I had a thrift store find that was hanging in my closet for awhile. I loved it. But that blouse was not boring. I couldn’t wear it and expect to blend into the crowd. And sometimes, I like to not stand out like a sore thumb.

But we had a pretty fall day, which was just what the shirt needed for an outing. I put it on and it really was great. And it really was not subtle. I was a little hesitant.

When I brought the kids home from school, Leah took one look at my blouse and exclaimed, “Mommy! Your shirt is beautiful!

And somehow, I found that comforting. It’s not that Leah has great fashion sense, because she is convinced that sparkly red shoes match everything. And that a flowered skirt should definitely be paired with a top striped in purple poodles.

But you know, sometimes you just need an encouraging word. You need someone to take your side, even when you’re a bit crazy. You need a friend who tells you, “go for it!”

And my Leah is great at that. She never hesitates to encourage. I can learn a lot from that girl.

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