A Shower of Words

My kids love to talk to me while I’m taking a shower. Something about that time of my day brings out massive amounts of conversation in them… probably the fact that it annoys me greatly.

They love to talk to me during my shower, but they do it with great trepidation, because it’s gotten them in trouble so many times. I precede each shower with strict instructions to stay out of my room and leave me alone, with a small contingency for emergency situations.

Today, I heard Leah calling to me from my bedroom doorway. I shouted back that I couldn’t hear her. Next I heard her talking from inside my bedroom, so again I called out, explaining that I couldn’t hear her and told her to come into my bathroom. (Remember, this whole conversation was being held while shower water was drumming in my ears, so I wasn’t exactly at the top of my game)

Now that the inner sanctum had been reached, she was ready to deliver her great communication:

Leah: Mommy, I’ve got to talk you about so’thing.

Me: What is it?

Leah: ‘Saiah’s butt stinks.

That was it. That was the amazing revelation that caused her to breach all the rules and enter my august, showering presence. We need to work on what actually constitutes an emergency at our house.

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