A Lesson From the Gay Community

My husband made a comment the other day that really caught my attention. We were discussing some recent events in the news and he said, “It’s interesting that the gay community is about 4% of the population of the United States.” However, the media, movies, and even popular opinion make it seem that the percentage would be much higher.

The reason this conversation sparked my interest is because Ron Luce has predicted that if things continue in the same vein they’re currently in, only 4% of teenagers will grow up to be genuine Christian adults. So, theoretically, in the next generation, the Christian community and the homosexual community will be about the same percent of the American population. When Christians hear a statistic like that, we seem to throw up our hands and say, “That’s horrible! Oh poor us.” I say, “Not so fast, people!”

I was recently at a conference, where the speaker claimed that about 10 years ago, 12 members of the gay community met in a hotel room to strategize how to shift the culture of our nation in their favor. They drew up a plan that encompassed movies, music, TV, politics, etc. And it worked! Our country’s perspective regarding homosexuality has undergone a drastic change, to the point it has become a socially viable lifestyle.

Here’s the bottom line. If gays can bring that much of a cultural reprogramming, being about 4% of the population, Christians can transform our country that much more, with Holy Spirit backing us up! We are completely able to bring cultural reformation, to be a driving force that shapes the face of our nation and advance Kingdom principles.

But. The homosexual community did not change a nation’s mindset by acting “straight”. They didn’t think they could advance their agenda by pretending to be like everyone around them. And neither can the Church. We need to lose the idea that we can talk the same, walk the same, be entertained the same, and look the same as those around us and still achieve a change in our world.

If we desire to bring cultural reformation, we must be focused, strategic, purposeful and wholeheartedly committed to our goal. We must lay aside the weights that hold us back and keep us from walking in our destiny of advancing the Kingdom. There are people waiting for you to show them the truth, to change their perspective on life, to show them Jesus. Walk as children of light and transform your community and ultimately the world!

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